Adoption Journey

We’ve Only Cleaned


Our Home study was supposed to be last weekend. However, we ran into some issues that my husband and I were not okay with and decided to cancel last minute. it was a hard decision and I felt bad for cancelling so last minute.

On the up side, Our adoption agency has a home study service and will be sending someone out to do our home study. it just will be a couple more weeks of waiting. My husband made a joke that the only thing we have actually done in our adoption process is….clean the house and a bunch of paperwork… which he is right and wrong….. I did a lot of research and made lots of phone calls….at the moment though, his humor was appreciated and much needed.

We are still fundraising and getting done what we need to do for the process though. We started a Facebook adoption page that people can go to and check out what we have been up too and see what fundraisers we are doing.

a Gurule adventure 2 Adoption    (

In the next week or so, we will be doing an online auction. Please come by and check out the group and say hi!

Are you adopting? Have adopted? Are adopted?

I would love to hear your story!!

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