Adoption Journey

Puzzle Update Day4: A Challenge from the Grandma!

My awesome Mother In Law is so awesome and doing everything she can to spread the word. Her recent post is a challenge and I think it is pretty clever!

“DO NOT HIT “LIKE” At least not yet. 🙂 So you know those posts where your “friends” want to find out if you’re really reading their post? This is not one of those.

Most of you who know me also know my son Anthony, his wife Amy and their 2 boys John and Avery. Many of you already know that they are going to have an addition to their/our family and they’re doing it through adoption. I’ve attached a link to Amy’s blog where she tells about the “Journey” they are on.
They want to be able to bring their little girl home within about 18 months. John will be almost 8 and Avery will be 5 years old. Just about the right age to be very awesome and very protective big brothers. They are having a fund raiser to help with expenses. I know if they could do it on their own they would and if we could cover it for them we would. But such is life. They are raising funds by using a puzzle and each person, family, or group of persons that contribute $20 gets their name put on a puzzle piece. When the puzzle is completed it will be framed and hung in their little girl’s room with one side showing the names of all the people that took part in bringing her home and the other side of the puzzle is something that Amy and Anthony designed themselves. I have no idea what it is….sooo curious.

Okay, I’m getting very wordy here. But I wanted to put out a challenge to have 200 pcs or more named before Amy’s birthday on January 28th. We currently have 51 pcs named so that only leaves 149 to do within 15 days. If we can do 51 in 3 days then I’m sure we can do 149 or more in 15. Most of you know me as pretty private and don’t like to put myself or my family “out there” but this is truly a good cause. Anthony and Amy have been best friends since high school and have a lot of love to share.

Anyway, please read her blog and think about it. And if you think this is a good thing please share.
Much thanks and God bless….”


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