Adoption Journey

Day 2.5, Her Puzzle Update

So, I apologize for missing the update last night! Lets catch everyone up on day 2!

I have decided mornings are my favorite, for right now! Usually I tolerate mornings but only after Coffee; prior to coffee I loathe mornings! I am just not a morning person! However, since starting this puzzle to bring our little girl home, I wake up to beautiful emails of love, encouragement, and peace! I wake up in disbelief that people out there want to help us and be a part of her story.

As I do need my coffee in the morning to function, looking at the emails definitely is a good Wake Up! The last two days, I see the emails in the morning and the paypal balance and I have to double look at the number in disbelief! We are overjoyed and overwhelmed that we are receiving so much love!

42 pieces of the puzzle have been spoken for!! 


Thank you guys sooo much!
Thank you for your support and encouragement! Thank you for your love and believing in us!

Please continue to pray for us and we love having you follow our journey!

Please share with your friends!



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