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Day 1, Her Puzzle Update!

I woke up at 6:30 am this morning, with kiddos begging me to go downstairs and start the morning with them. As every school day morning, I slowly, sloth-like, crawled out of bed and went downstairs with them; started the coffee maker in the dark, turned the kitchen light on and ran for the living room darkness. The kitchen light is so bright in the morning! I started a cartoon for them since it felt as if we were ahead of schedule and I really just needed another couple minutes to gain my awake brain. They usually don’t get TV in the morning because the tend to sleep in a little longer and there are fights with the TV when its time to leave. But this morning, I just needed the extra few minutes. Anywho, my eyes finally almost adjusted to the kitchen light, I braved it and headed to my life line, aka Keurig, and started a cup of “Have to Wake Up and be Human” coffee! As I waited patiently for my life line to brew I took a minute to check the good ol’ Facebook and Yahoo EMail!

WOW! Can I just say, WOW!

I reached for my coffee mug and had to take a couple big sips, rub my eyes a few extra times and make sure I was reading what i was reading correctly! I posted the Puzzle Fundraisers at around 9pm last night, and by 630 am 8 pieces had already been spoken for! I was in utter disbelief, seeing as I was unsure who would actually take part in this. I may of possibly squealed in joy and almost tear up!

I started to thank everyone, grabbed my coffee sat it on the table, went up stairs and attempted to get dressed.

*ding*, my phone goes off and I mentally think that its probably a annoying GroupOn or Kohls advertising on my email that I usually get around that time EVERY morning. SO i ignore the sound, grab the boys socks and run down stairs bugging the kids to hurry up and eat.

*ding*, my phone goes off again and I finally decide to check it while i sit to take a sip of my coffee.

TWO more pieces spoken for! WHAT???? seriously?? I run upstairs to tell Red that 10 pieces of the puzzle had been spoken for. We shared a look of disbelief and excitement that people love us this much to help.

I head back downstairs, get a pair of pants on one child,

*ding*, now that HAD to be a advertisement. NO, another piece spoken for!


By this time my eyes were filled with pools of water waiting to run over, in Shock, Just amazement!

As the day went on every *ding * my phone made I was seriously questioning what I would see when I would open my email. 75% of emails I get are usually advertisements, 20% Red Cross/MrsSakuraOrganizaton stuff, 4% Johns school stuff/church emails, 1% friends. Today however, was a great change.


I called my mother in law and asked her to get the puzzle pieces out and start writing names on them. (Seriously people, I was not expecting this reaction, I feel beyond blessed!) We mailed the puzzle to her to have her send it to us, APO and shipping can be very frustrating at times. She literally had just received it yesterday!!! SO she was amazing and started to work.

As the day went on, my phone would continue to *ding* and right now we are soooooo excited to say….

18 pieces of the puzzle have been spoken for today!

day1day 1


Words cannot express how thankful we are for all of you, we are beyond overjoyed that you would want to help bring our little one home. I cannot wait to tell her all about you guys!

You are amazing!


Amy and Anthony


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