Little Monkey thoughts


Little Monkey: Mom today I am a superhero. Can you help me put on my cape? and my gloves? and my mask? Thanks mom.   Can you play with me?

Me: i need to finish up some chores real quick, want to help? then we can play sooner? i just need you to go put your toys away so i can sweep.

Little Monkey: Um, mom superheros do not clean.

Me: Yes they do.

Little Monkey: Well, I really don’t like your chores mom.

Me: me neither son.

Little Money: Have fun cleaning, ill wait in the car for you.(**which means sitting on the couch waiting in his pretend car)

Me: thanks!

(a few minutes pass)

Little monkey: are you done yet??

Me: **shake my head.** nope

Little monkey: **sigh** ok, my spaceship rocket is running out of gas, since I am sitting here wait for you.


This kid! I tell you! What an imagination!


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