Cute As A Button Doula Service · My Newbie Digital Photography

Why I Photograph

I have always found taking pictures and being in pictures was exciting. Even at a young age, I was the first to pose for a photo and always asking others to pose for me, with me, or to take the picture of me. I loved the camera…I’ll tell you a secret, I wanted to be a model and actress when I was younger.(secretly i still do.)

In college I took a Photography class. It was a black and white photography class, I loved it! I learned how to develop the photos, use the dark room…… O Saturday mornings were fun that semester! But I had not touch a camera since. I thought being it was not my major, why should I be fiddling with it? I should use my time to study in the major i was in! Hence, I gave it up. However, I recently picked it up again, but this time digital.

As a doula, I get to be apart of life changing experiences! I  am asked to be apart of powerful and vulnerable moments of a woman’s life! When I was delivering my Little Bug I had a birth photographer at my side. She was AHHHHmazing! She came to photograph, then unexpectedly, became a unofficial doula while in the midst of creating a collection of my life changing moment! I doubt that was her plan, but, she knew what I needed, what to say, and how to help!  Looking back I knew I could do what she did! So I went and became a official doula and a unofficial photographer. I want to provide what she did for me, for others.

Photo Courtesy of Kitty H., my birth photographer and unofficial doula




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