Day to Day

I am Beautiful Unedited.

This was a couple months ago, but i thought i would share again:unedited-4

“Over the weekend, I was honored to model for an awesome project that Jessica is working on called, “I am beautiful unedited.” Before the photo shoot I was thinking, wait no Photoshop? No retouching? What about my rosacea? The huge mommy bags under my eyes? And the baby tire around my waist? She isn’t going to smooth that over and make me look flawless? What did I just sign up for??? I then made a quick mental checklist of things I had to hide!! Do my makeup, get my hair done, sit ups or a run, sleep……wait who am I kidding? I stopped and thought, this isn’t what this photo shoot is about! I started realizing all of my insecurities and where they have brought me. My Rosacea may be unflattering but I embrace it and do what I can to control it. I even took a makeup class to learn how to cover it better, when I wear makeup. My mommy bags and tummy tire are from two beautiful children this body carried, and lack of sleep from doing my job as their mother. In this world, there are more of “me’s” — regular women — than there are models. There are many moms out there with the same struggles, if not more, who are making a difference, are beautiful, and courageous. I don’t need society telling me what I should look like. I look how I should and how god made me. This shoot empowered me! I AM beautiful unedited!”

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