Lactating Mamas! · Little Monkey thoughts


So Little Monkey is playing nicely with his GodSister having a BLAST. They are playing house, he is being the baby and she is being the Mommy. I hear them playing so nicely, when suddenly I hear Little Monkey “play” crying and saying “mama”. I peek around the corner to hear him say, “Im a baby and hungry, i need to eat mamas boob.”

::head to forehead:: First of all, YAY i have normalized breastfeeding for him! He will be a great daddy one day! Second of all, Awkward!!! how do you correct this? Yes he is correct, in our home I breastfeed his little brother and he doesn’t ever see myself give him a bottle, only others when I am away.  But it was so interesting how the concept was played out, I mean it could be alot worse… right? Well, What did I do? I interrupted the game and asked them if they wanted a snack and asked if maybe they both could be babies or if they wanted to play another game?

Little Monkey was a bit confused, I explained to him that , “yes mommy feeds Little Bug, but when he pretends that maybe they should use a dolly. Its not appropriate to do it in real life and that we keep our hands to ourselves.”

Needless to say, after a snack, they forgot they were playing  house and decided to play “puppies” instead.

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