Gluten Free

The best Pizza Crust EVER! No, Really!!!

We have been struggling trying to find a pizza crust we all can agree on. It is hard when you are gluten free. Either the crust is to hard, not fluffy enough, has a grainy taste, not how we want it to taste, ect.

It’s rough! It’s not like I can call the pizza place down the street and say, “hey deliver me a pizza in under 30 min” and expect a gluten free delicious fluffy cheesy pizza…. Ugh, one can dream.

Well, I found a crust that my family is crazy over!!!!!! I mean crazy! We have it ATLEAST once a week! I stumbled across this recipe by accident and thought I would give it a try. I am not going to lie, I was skeptical, considering I had never in my life thought i would ever use Cauliflower as a ingredient for anything in my house. Well I did, and now one other TOP secret veggie massively infused in my cooking!

This is a must try!!

thank you Lucky Penny for an amazing pizza!!

What do you think?

Grandma helping in the kitchen

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