Gluten Free

why no gluten?

We recently have gone gluten free.

Now WHY would we do such a crazy thing?


All of use have tested negative for celiac disease, so no point, right?


We have found that going gluten free for our family has been helpful. My Little Monkey seems to be feeling better and a lot of his sensory stuff has subsided (trust me when he gets a hold of dairy or gluten, it’s like watching Jekyll and Hyde! We are talking screaming for 45mins-2hours, head banging, biting, explosive diarrhea, the extreme!).

With my husband, he has always had issues with acne, stomach bloating, cramping, ect., NOW his acne has cleared up and I only hear him complain about his belly after having a gluten filled beer.

And myself, well, I have found that while pregnant with my Little Bug, I did not gain as much weight as I did with my first, did not have gestational diabetes this time around, and have dropped the baby weight so much easier this time (though, that could also be from chasing a toddler around too) Overall, I feel better, but when I do have gluten I tend to get congested and constipated (TMI, I know, sorry), it is the weirdest thing!

Do any of you have any gluten issues? What symptoms do you get? How do you feel with or without Gluten in your life?

Anywho, I have had to really adjust some of my recipes. So be ready for some yumminess to be posted!

(Gluten free crepes)

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