Lactating Mamas!


I completed my Certified Lactation Counselor and am now pushing my way through 500+ hours for my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  (Talk about Loving the boobies!)

Little Monkey was both formula and breastfed and my Little Bug is currently Exclusively breastfed. Being a mom of both a formula fed and breastfed babies definitely gives me an opportunity to see both sides of the coin.

Please do not think that I am a Boobie Nazi….Ranting that if your baby doesn’t have the boob, you are failing! NO NO NO ! I am all about making sure momma and baby are happy in whatever journey they decide to take.  BUT just want to make sure that moms are given the correct information and are supported in their decisions!

Like my mentor says… If Mama ain’t happy, no one is!

And isn’t that a true statement!

Happy Lactating and happily fed Babies!


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