Its Just Me!

So after being asked by several people to start a blog about various things… I gave in.. and here I am.

I am a mom to four; that is including my loving Man-Child, aka husband. I currently am a stay at home mom who is raising a child with some sensory issues(my 6 yo little Monkey), with a mischievous toddler(my 3yo little bug), while simultaneously working towards my International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC) and my RN, living in Japan, keepinng a home into a gluten-free zone, finding ways to entertain my children, adoption, and now blogging all about it… my goal… to bore you to death!

So this blog thing……

I have so many ideas and things I want to share. So why not all of them?

Instead of picking just one, I figure I can educate on a little bit of everything and go from there. I’m thinking Gluten free recipes from my kitchen to sensory play to good ol’ amusement from my day-to-day life with a 3yo, 6yo, and our adoption journey.


So get ready to be Bored!

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